CorePlayer is an enhanced version of TCPMP, originally serving as a paid “upgrade” for the free player. In addition to nearly all the same features present in TCPMP, CorePlayer also has a full-featured media library and streaming media support, including YouTube (at the time—now obsolete) and podcasts.

Unlike TCPMP, CorePlayer does not require separate plugins, and comes with all necessary codecs to play a broad variety of music and video formats.

Note that while CorePlayer is a highly versatile media player, video playback is highly demanding on CPU and memory and will most likely require content encoded specifically for your Palm device to run properly. Videos should be no larger than your Palm’s native screen resolution and encoded at a bitrate of approx. 256-512 Kbps, depending on CPU speed. You can convert existing video files and DVD movies to compatible specifications using free conversion tools such as FFMPEG or Handbrake.


HotSync ID:




Use MultiUserHack to register without changing your primary HotSync ID


Generate a key for your own HotSync ID using the C4PDA CorePlayer Key Generator:


Recommended: Palm OS 5.4 *
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