Crazy Office

Comical action game like a game watch. It is a game only for high-resolution models. It seems that palmOS5 or higher models are required (confirmed in Zodiac2), and it did not work with CLIE SJ33 etc. of PalmOS4. You have to struggle with many things in the workplace. You have to pick up your phone, receive mail, be careful not to overflow with coffee, and look to prevent viruses from entering your computer. If one of the four is not in time, you will be fired immediately (!) It becomes one mistake. The operation method is very simple, and you can move the person from side to side by pressing the button on the screen with a hard button or stylus. Please do four tasks at the right time. You can choose from "GAME A" and "GAME B" with different difficulty levels.


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1.0 CrazyOffice_v1_Hires.prc344K

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Thanks for visiting my profile! I have many programs for PalmOS. It was very popular in Japan and I have an old hard disk with many programs from Japan and other countries. My favourite games are old school RPGs, dungeon crawlers and ...