FFMPalm – Universal Video Converter

FFMPalm – Universal Video Converter

FFMPalm is a universal video conversion utility made by PalmDB, for PalmDB!

FFMPalm grabs your favorite videos from local storage, DVD, or the web, and tailors them specifically to your Palm device–with over 80 device profiles to choose from! Each profile aims to provide the best possible image quality without compromising system performance, which causes stutter.

Simply pop open a terminal, enter a source, output file, and device, and let FFMPalm do the rest!*

For full details, see the built-in help file via the command:

ffmpalm --help

(*Note that older devices will require a second application for re-encoding and transferring video files to the device)


Recommended: Palm OS 5.4 *
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  • 3.5 (3)
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  • 5.0 (2)
  • 5.4 (4)

(*Based on user feedback)