Moose is a reimplementation of Mac OS's classic Talking Moose for Palm OS. Input some text and let your Palm device do the talking for you! Uses the CMU Flite speech synthesis engine to generate sound.

Music in hand is an application for palm os that lets you play tones that match with the musical letters depending on which line you tap on. only tested on T|3

Struggling to make a decision? Seek the timeless wisdom of your Palm device with Oracle, the virtual Magic-8 Ball with all the answers!

"Pick a number between 1 and 10." If you’ve ever used this type of arbitration trick to make decisions, Random Number Generator is the app for you.

As it says on the tin, Random Number Generator generates random integers between the ...

The lyrics and music of the US national anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner", all on the glory of your PDA. Just touch the flag and follow the underlined words to sing along!

This app controls the backlight and/or the Tail Light clip (if you can find one) allowing you to signal morse-code, use the Palm as a light or even flash like a metronome!

Bit cheeky but here's my video on adding a torch to your Palm using this ...

Tired of having your Palm tampered with while you're away? Keep intruders out with Thumb Scanner! Place your thumb on the screen and watch as a completely fabricated thumbprint appears and proceeds to fail authentication on every attempt–unless the ...

Turn your Palm device into a Tricorder and head out on away missions just like your favourite Star Trek characters!

Freeware Works on the Palm 3000 and up with OS2

Are you human or an alien? Detect whether if someone is an alien in the Palm of your hand! The app was developed for the Sci-Fi Channel.

Yoda, the familiar character from Star Wars, helps you out by giving you Jedi Wisdom and predicting the future for you. All quotes are from the first four Star Wars episodes.

Let me know what you think about Yoda. email me at ...