Warfare Incorporated

Warfare Incorporated

Warfare Incorporated is a real-time strategy game in which players must gather and manage resources, develop bases, and deploy troops to defeat a variety of enemies across a story-driven single-player campaign as well as local multiplayer over WiFi or Bluetooth. It is also possible to create and share your own mission packs using the free Mission Editor for Windows PC.

All users should install the base WarfareIncorporated.prc application, however game data installation varies depending on your model of Palm device:

  • 160×160 grayscale screen users should install htdata416.pdb
  • 160×160 or 160×240 color screen users should install htdata816.pdb
  • 320×320 or 320×480 color screen users should install htdata824.pdb

In addition to the above, Palm OS 5 users should install htsfx.pdb for enhanced sound effects, and Sony Clie and M130 users should install MQGX.prc for enhanced graphics acceleration.


HotSync ID:




License Key:


Use MultiUserHack to register without changing your primary HotSync ID


Install WarfareIncorporated.patched.prc in place of the original WarfareIncorporated.prc


Use your own HotSync ID and generate a key using the Warfare Incorporated Key Generator:

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Recommended: Palm OS 3.5 *
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