Fly the Starship Enterprise from the comfort of your handheld. Don’t let the core explode.

The original ReadMe:

Starship OS2.0 or greater is required

You have a tricorder. You have a phaser. Now command your own starship!

After enjoying Jeff Jetton's Tricorder and George Loo's Phaser (see my web site for a link to these programs), my son Scott (age 11) came up with the idea of creating a starship for the Palm. Scott also created almost all of the artwork for the program. Scott and my daughter Jane (age 9) worked out the design and layout of the program and I did the coding with a little help from them.

We hope that you enjoy this free program as much as we enjoyed creating it.

--Keith Wolcott

If you like Starship, try out my puzzle program called PictureLogic, and enhance your Vulcan logical skills.


Legal Stuff:

This software is copyrighted (©1999) by Keith D. Wolcott. Furthermore, I make no warranty with respect to the quality of this software, nor do I warrant that its operation will be error-free. The author claims no liability for data loss or any other problems caused directly or indirectly by use of this application.


Recommended: Palm OS 3.0 *
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