Snails (Worms clone)

Snails (Worms clone)

Worms clone.

Requires OS 5 with either 320×320 or 480×320 screen resolution.


The game was released as Freeware by PDAmill in 2008.

Several years ago, we developed many of our great titles for the Palm OS platform. However, in February of 2007 the decision to stop development for the Palm platform was made and our products were then discontinued.

Until now, all of these titles were only available to customers who had purchased the games in the past. Due to an incredibly high demand, we have now released all of our past
Palm titles for FREE!

However, please be advised that these titles come with no warranty, no support, and may well not work on your device (the very reason we discontinued development for the platform). If you have any troubles with the games, do not contact support as you will not receive a reply.



  • Full, unlocked, completely playable games
  • Support for 320×320 and 480×320 Palm OS 5 devices
  • FREE


Recommended: Palm OS 5.4 *
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