IBM WebSphere Micro Java VM

IBM WebSphere Micro Java VM

Required runtimes for running Java-based applications on Palm OS, such as the Opera Mini web browser.

The package below contains many files, but most applications only need J9JavaVMMidp20.prc, located under the ...\JVM\ARM4T folder, to be installed on your Palm device. Other files in the same folder add optional localization support for a variety of languages.

For applications which require database access, also install PIMPrefs.prc, fileconnect.prc, and pimop.prc from the JSR75 folder, plus any desired localization of PIMPrefs.

Install WS-Security.prc and WebServices.prc for applications with web connectivity.

The included JavaVMCheck_enUS.prc application will verify your installation of the IBM WebSphere Micro Java VM.


Recommended: Palm OS 4.0 *
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