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Connect your Palm to the internet using Bluetooth DUN (Dial-up Networking)

It's 2020, but did you know many Palm devices can still connect to the internet? It's true! Even if you have difficulties getting old WiFi modules to connect to modern routers, there's still an alternative. It's called Bluetooth DUN, and it's your ticket to going online when all other options have failed.



  • A Bluetooth-enabled Palm device
  • An Android smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth and WiFi/cell data connectivity (practically any model will do)
  • A Bluetooth DUN server app, such as:



1. Pair your Palm and Android devices over Bluetooth

To get started, navigate to your Android device's Bluetooth settings and choose "Pair new device". This will make your phone/tablet visible to other Bluetooth devices.

Next, switch to your Palm device and establish a connection. This process differs slightly depending on what kind of Palm device you have:

  • Option 1: Go to Preferences > Network and create a new service. In the "Connection" dropdown box, choose "Edit Connections..." > "New...", then select "Connect to:" > "Local Network", "Via:" > "Bluetooth".
    • (Treo Note: even though you aren't using it, you must enable phone service to proceed.)
  • Option 2: Go to Preferences > Bluetooth. Choose "Setup Devices", and on the following screen, choose "LAN Setup".

Continue through the initial setup screens until you reach the Bluetooth device selection screen. After a few seconds of searching, your Android device will appear in the list of nearby Bluetooth devices. Select it.


2. Configure virtual LAN connection

Once you have selected a "LAN" to connect to (i.e. your phone/tablet), you will be prompted to authenticate the connection. The Palm setup screen makes this sound far more complicated than it is. Rather than "get the LAN passkey from your network administrator", continue through the setup screens until you are prompted to enter a passkey yourself. Enter any four-digit combination into your Palm and tap "OK".

A pop-up will then appear on your Android device prompting you to enter the same passkey.

If you entered the passkey correctly, your Palm will accept the connection and continue the setup process.

Next, you'll be asked for a username and password to log in to the network. Like the Bluetooth passkey, what you enter here doesn't matter. Input any username you like and simply leave the password field blank.

Click "Next" one last time and the LAN setup will complete. You will now see your Android phone/tablet listed as an available network service on your Palm's Bluetooth settings page.


3. Activate Bluetooth DUN

Now it's time to provide your Palm with a shared internet connection to actually connect to! For this guide, I'll be using the BlueDUN+ app because it is the simplest and most reliable option. Unfortunately, it isn't free. There is a free trial version which is fully functional, but is limited to 5-minute connections. Another app, SecureTether, provides the same functionality for free, but in my experience connections tended to fail within 5 minutes anyhow using this app. Your mileage my vary.

In any case, fire up the app of your choice and initiate the Bluetooth DUN service.


4. Connect!

With the Bluetooth DUN service running on your Android device, you may now fire up a web browser on your Palm! A network connection will be attempted upon opening the browser, and with luck, authentication will complete within seconds. You should also begin to see a traffic monitor in the Bluetooth DUN app, indicating a connection is active.

Congratulations! You are now free to browse the internet on your Palm! Why not try heading over to and downloading some apps, for starters?

Now, you may find that much of the modern-day internet refuses to load on the built-in Blazer web browser. HTML5 and HTTPS are now the standard, and Blazer supports neither. However, you may get better results using a third-party browser like Opera Mini.

What sites are you visiting on Palm? Leave your comments here on the forums or in the PalmDB Discord server!

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