Astraware Mazera

Sokoban meets the Legend of Zelda in this top-down puzzle adventure from Astraware! Play as Ix, a young boy who is kidnapped and placed in a zoo by an alien species known as the Mazerians… until one day, a mysterious fruit grows in his cage, granting him the power to escape. Can you guide Ix out of the Mazerians’ hands without being caught—or worse? Download

Astraware Zap!

Zap! is a top-down arcade shoot-em-up in space featuring numerous enemies and bosses to contend with across multiple levels. Its first iteration, simply titled Zap!, was first published in 1999 for Palm OS 3.x devices, but later received a full-color remake called Zap! 2000. An enhanced version of this remake, Zap! 2016, was later released with improved graphics and sound in 2003. Download