Soft Reset

Device not working properly? No pin to push the reset button? Soft Reset is here to help, providing a software method to reboot your Palm OS 3.0 or newer device along with options to calibrate the display and/or launch a chosen application after reset. (Note that some options may not be available depending on your version of Palm OS.) Download


UDMH (for Unlimited Dynamic Memory Heap) allows allocating more of your Palm device’s built-in memory to applications than is allowed by default. While most apps don’t need this, emulators, source ports, and other experimental apps often require large amounts of dynamic memory heap to function. UDMH solves this problem at the touch of a button. Download


Overclock your Palm OS 5 device at the touch of a button! WarpSpeed allows both system-wide and per-application changes to memory and CPU speed, gaining either performance or battery life–the choice is yours! On some devices, it can even eliminate screen whine! Download