With devices spanning from the early 1990s to late 2000s, Palm used many different screen technologies. While the earliest models used simple black-and-white LCDs, this palette soon expanded to multiple shades of gray, then 8-bit color, then 16-bit and beyond. As a result, many applications became locked to a certain screen technology, and won’t display correctly on newer models. Download

Tungsten T3 DIA Compatibility Update

The Tungsten T3 famously featured a sliding screen to switch between 1:1 and 3:2 aspect ratios, offering the best of both worlds between old and new apps. However, not all apps may correctly recognize the T3’s 3:2 mode and continue running in 1:1 mode even if the app itself supports the expanded resolution. The Tungsten T3 DIA compatibility update corrects this behavior in a variety of apps, adding proper fullscreen support while the screen is extended. Download


UDMH (for Unlimited Dynamic Memory Heap) allows allocating more of your Palm device’s built-in memory to applications than is allowed by default. While most apps don’t need this, emulators, source ports, and other experimental apps often require large amounts of dynamic memory heap to function. UDMH solves this problem at the touch of a button. Download