Targus Stowaway Driver for Handspring Visor

Manufactured for Targus by Think Outside, this control panel/driver is needed to operate the Stowaway Keyboard for Handspring Visor, model number PA800U. It was found on a Springboard Backup Module that had been purchased secondhand, and it may also work with the Stowaway Keyboard for Visor Edge, model PA810U (unverified at the time of posting).

In addition to the standard keyboard parameters like key repeat rate and repeat delay, the control panel offers the ability to toggle key clicks, activate/deactivate the keyboard, command key assignments, and the ability to define shortcuts. These features also apply to Palm Portable Keyboards and Stowaway Keyboards sold by Think Outside.

  • System requirements:
    • Palm OS 3.1 or later
    • For Model no. PA800U: Handspring Visor Solo, Visor Deluxe, Visor Prism, Visor Platinum, Visor Neo, or Visor Pro
    • For Model no. PA810U: Handspring Visor Edge


1.2 Keyboard.PRC28K

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My first experience with Palm OS was as early as 2005; I was 19 when my brother gave me his Handspring Visor Edge - a PDA which ran on Palm OS 3.5. The battery failed, corrupting the data irrecoverably, and so I had to recycle it. Around 2013 ...