Agendus Mail (SSL Edition)

Agendus Mail (SSL Edition)

Agendus Mail is a POP/IMAP email and SMS client with support for updating mail over HotSync or live via the web. It supports a variety of folder options to keep your messages organized as well as the ability to export messages to memos.


This app uses a hardware-based User ID for registration, therefore serial numbers must be generated uniquely for each user. Use the key generator below to create a registration code for your Palm device.

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  1. If you have trouble to register Agendus Mail (SSL Edition) v5.XX, try following:

    1. Start “generator.exe”
    2. Enter 0 (Which?)
    3. Enter 21 (Which software id unknown?)
    4. Enter 5 (Major version of Software?)
    5. Enter 1 (OS choice: Palm OS)
    6. Enter your Device ID (Found in the about dialog in app)
    7. Enter your generated key in your device (Tools -> About -> Register)

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